The new FREDDY solar module for balconies has arrived

FREDDY Solar Module for Balcony

For people who live in an apartment and cannot use their roof, there are solar modules for balconies and terraces. With the FREDDY solar module, it is now easier than ever to generate your own electricity in the city.

Popular solar energy

Several surveys show that solar energy is the most popular form of energy generation and solar panels have a high acceptance in one’s own neighbourhood. 75% of the people questioned say that they want to be both a producer and a consumer in the near future.

Solar energy in the city

Solar modules can now be seen on numerous roofs, from single-family homes to industrial buildings. How can people in city apartments now also use solar power? If you want to use a shared roof, you have to deal with the owners and the bureaucracy.

Plug-in solar modules for balconies and terraces

In contrast, with solar modules, you can get started immediately and produce your own electricity. Just as quickly as solar modules are set up, they can also be taken down again. So you can simply take the balcony modules with you when you move house. The ingenious thing about solar modules for balconies is that they can be plugged into a conventional socket with an output of up to 600 watts. Once plugged in, the solar modules feed electricity into the socket and supply devices such as the refrigerator or the Internet. This turns the balcony modules into a kind of electricity metre brake. You no longer have to buy the electricity you generate yourself, so you can replace the electricity mix to a certain extent with self-generated solar power.

The new FREDDY solar module for balconies and terraces

Simon Niederkircher and Ferdinand Mayr have developed a new type of solar module for balconies commissioned by the Green City München and with funding from the European Union. FREDDY is an ultra-light, highly efficient solar module. With its compact format, FREDDY is suitable for a variety of balcony railings or wall mountings. An inverter converts the electricity from FREDDY and feeds it into the socket. Several FREDDYS can be connected to one inverter.

Improved balcony power station

With FREDDY, the team has already developed the second solar module for the city. After the great success of the mini power plant called “simon”, user experiences were carefully incorporated into the new product. At only 1.5 kilogrammes, FREDDY is about 70% lighter than its predecessor. This makes FREDDY much easier to attach to a railing than its predecessor. And with conventional solar plugs, FREDDY can also be connected to an emergency power supply and charge batteries.

Available to order now

Detailed information on FREDDY and how it works can be found at FREDDY can be ordered from the FREDDY Solar Shop.