The solar module for balcony and terrace

Turn sunlight into homemade electricity.

What is FREDDY?

Solar module for balcony and terrace

Solar cells have been used on calculators, satellites and roofs for decades. With FREDDY you can now generate your own solar power on balconies and terraces. Via an inverter, FREDDY directs the self-generated electricity into a regular socket. The electricity flows automatically to the refrigerator, internet modem and other devices. This is how FREDDY slows down the electricity metre and relieves your next electricity bill.

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More FREDDYs convert more sunlight into electricity. Increase the power by connecting more FREDDYs and inverters together. Thanks to European regulations, up to 12 FREDDYs can be connected without the electricity operator’s permission.

How much electricity does FREDDY generate?

Estimate the yield without obligation based on weather data. The actual yield may differ.


*See official electricity price statistics for the EU

Harvest up to



Save up to




Gaming hours


Toasted slices


Ice cubes


Wash cycles

Sun in sight

The myStrom WiFi Switch smart plug records FREDDY data and makes power flows visible. Find out at which times FREDDY generates the most electricity.

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This short video shows how to unpack, hang and connect FREDDY.


A total of up to 12 FREDDYs can be connected to one socket.

An inverter can take up to 6 FREDDYs. Connect several inverters together to get even more power. FREDDYS in the same chain should point in the same direction. Use several inverters for different cardinal directions.

Up to 12 FREDDYs on 2 inverters may be connected to one socket without the permission of the electricity operator. Electricity operators are strictly regulated monopolies. According to  Title 1 and Article 5 of the European Network Code,  generators with less than 0.8 kVa (equivalent to approx. 800 watts) are not significant for electricity grids. This means that the impact of FREDDY on a power grid is negligible and does not need to be specifically assessed.

FREDDY works with all electricity metres. You no longer have to draw the electricity you generated yourself from the grid. This slows down the electricity consumption and the electricity metre slows down or even stops. When FREDDY produces a surplus, the electricity flows back into the grid. Old electricity metres then turn backwards. Modern electricity metres have a backstop and stop. If you have more than 12 FREDDYs, please contact an electrician. We recommend FREDDY in combination with a smart metre.

Electricity Metre

Yes, FREDDY is approved to feed into a wall socket throughout the European Union. The components of FREDDY have been tested and certified. The team around FREDDY has worked with electricity operators, regulatory authorities, standardisation bodies, ministries, testing institutes and scientists to make sure everything is as it should be.

FREDDY is so easy to install that absolutely anyone without any prior technical knowledge can do so and plug FREDDY into the socket. If you still need help, then please contact us and we will find a solution.

The more direct sunlight hits FREDDY, the more electricity it generates. On cloudy days, FREDDY generates significantly less electricity or none at all. In the three winter months of November, December and January, FREDDY produces about 10% of the total annual yield. Most of the yield is generated in summer.

Hang FREDDY completely in direct sunlight to get the most out of it. In FREDDY, the solar cells are connected in series. Therefore, power generation drops significantly even if FREDDY is only partially in the shade.

If you want to use several FREDDYs in different directions, you need several inverters.

With FREDDY, the current flow changes with the strength of the light. The more light that falls on FREDDY, the more electricity flows. A special Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) in the inverter regulates the voltage (volts) and the current (amps) to maximum power (watts).

If several FREDDYs are aligned in different directions on the same controller, they receive different amounts of light and have different current flows. Now the controller can no longer get the maximum power out of the solar modules.

Both FREDDY and the inverter are waterproof. No dust can penetrate and both components are protected against water spray from all directions. FREDDY and the inverter can be left outdoors all year round and at temperatures between -40°C and +70°C.

FREDDY is a semi-flexible solar module and may be flexed slightly. Under no circumstances should FREDDY be bent, otherwise the solar cells will break. Please always hold FREDDY carefully with both hands.

If there is a power failure or the fuse is switched off, the feed-in inverter reacts in a fraction of a second and switches FREDDY off. This means that you cannot electrify yourself through the FREDDY plug for the socket.

To be able to use FREDDY even in the event of a power failure, an additional storage device is required.

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