FREDDY AMP Superseal MC4 Adapter

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Adapter for connecting FREDDY solar modules to an inverter

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Inverter Ongrid Northern Electric (NEP) BDM-300

Grid-tied module inverter for feeding solar power into the house circuit without storage.

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FREDDY AMP Superseal Extension 5m

Waterproof extension cable for FREDDY Solar photovoltaic module. Length: 5m.

Ready to ship in 3 to 5 working days

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Distribution of 2-pin Superseal connector female 282080-1 to single-pin MC4 cables, Superseal pin 1: Plus(+) and Superseal pin 2: Minus(-), IP67 protection class, Made in Austria

Compared to conventional solar connectors, the TE Connectivity AMP Superseal is compact and particularly secure.

Technical data
Lenth: 0,5m
Section: 2×1.5mm²
TE Connectivity AMP Superseal 282080-1

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