Plug and Play balcony module cleaning

Clean Simon plug and Play Module

Before the sunny season begins, SolMate Simon cleans his solar module on the balcony to get the best out of it. Simply wipe the module surface with a damp microfibre cloth and summer can come!

Spring cleaning for solar modules

Even if the balcony module hangs vertically on the railing, you will notice that some dirt accumulates on the solar module over time. Even if efficiency is not Simon’s main concern, cleaning is quickly done and you still get a few extra kilowatt hours out of the balcony module.

Cleaning is easy

All you need to clean solar panels is a damp cloth and access to the solar panel. Damp microfibre cloths with clear water are best. You should avoid scratchy sponges or aggressive chemicals so as not to damage the coated glass or plastic solar modules.

Increased caution with balcony modules

When working on balconies and terraces, you should be alert and focused. If your arm’s length is not quite long enough to clean the entire module, you can make do with a mop from the kitchen. However, make sure that the mop does not accidentally fall down and injure someone! Ideally, the mop should be secured with a rope beforehand. You should also be careful not to lean too far over the railing as there is a risk of falling. Hopefully, you do not want to risk anything for a few more efficiency points.